Byte Trading is a systematic market making firm. We use rigorous engineering and focused, collaborative quantitative research to capture trading opportunities across the digital asset space. We particularly focus on derivatives trading, where we trade on all major exchanges and markets.

Working at Byte

As a trader, you improve our trading algorithms, dig into data to create better models, and monitor markets in real-time. We are looking for a strong quantitative background (CS background is a plus!)

We value:

  • Trading intuition - This is not an isolated research position (but you will also not be in front a trading screen for the entire day - on normal days).
  • Ownership - we will give you your own portfolio within the first 3 months.
  • Setting the bar very high - we all work hard and push ourselves together.
  • Problem solving - you do whatever it takes for the insight: data analysis, trading manually to build intuition, scrolling through twitter, collaborating, reading obscure papers.
  • A healthy amount of cynicism - risk management is the first priority.


  • Strong Python skills
  • Excellent quantitative and analytical skills
  • Programming fundamentals
  • Trading Knowledge is a plus
  • SQL skills are a plus

Why join?

  • A tight-knit group of smart, like-minded people of traders & engineers.
  • Great engineering culture (which underpins our trading) - technology is at our core, there are no clients, everybody can code.
  • We are enthusiastic about interesting problems and passionate about what we do. We see what we do as more of a "healthy obsession" than a job.
  • We're growing fast & you get a stake in the upside.

We are committed to diversity in workforce and review all applications fairly and equally.

Global Data Privacy Notice for Job Candidates and Applicants

Depending on your location, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may regulate the way we manage the data of job applicants.

Sounds like you?

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