Software Engineering


Byte Trading is a systematic market making firm. We use rigorous engineering and focused, collaborative quantitative research to capture trading opportunities across the digital asset space. We particularly focus on derivatives trading, where we trade on all major exchanges and markets.

Working at Byte

As a developer, you'll be a core part of the team building our trading and risk systems. You will build and improve these critical systems focusing on resilience and responsiveness using Python. This keeps pushing our boundaries as market makers at the front of the crypto derivatives market.


  • We hire generalists. You don’t need to perfectly fit into one of the roles below.
  • We collaborate a lot, traders & dev work together closely. In fact, all traders do dev work and devs attend our research meetings.
  • We set the bar high, we all work hard and push ourselves to discover new insights.
  • Testing is very important to us, on all levels.

Open Roles

Core Trading Engineer

Focused on contributing to our core trading system, exchange connectivity components and risk systems. Working closely with traders.

  • Expert Python experience
  • Rust is a plus
  • Good design mentality
  • Experience working with micro-services and messaging systems (e.g. Redis, Kafka)
  • Experience with concurrent programming and multi-threading is a plus (esp.
  • Good experience with testing

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Focused on building applications that help us monitor and interact with our current strategies and help develop new ones. You will work closely with traders and core trading engineers.

  • Good experience with a modern front-end stack
  • Data visualization experience: e.g. Plotly / Dash, highcharts, etc.
  • Working knowledge of Python and SQL
  • Experience with FastAPI is a plus
  • Any previous experience working with trading data, financial data, or simply a lot of time-series data is a big plus

Why join?

  • Great engineering culture - technology is at our core, there are no clients, everybody can code.
  • We are enthusiastic about interesting problems and passionate about what we do. We see what we do as more of a "healthy obsession" than a job.
  • We're growing fast & you get a stake in the upside.

We are committed to diversity in workforce and review all applications fairly and equally.

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